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surprise! here’s a brand new EP from The National Park Service, in advance of a release we’re working on for later in the fall. free/name-your-price download!

fantome-affame said: Yeah! This is really some awesome music you're putting out. I'm really digging The National Parks Service. Are there any other bands you could recommend (on your label or elsewhere)? Thanks for taking your time to answer!


Thank you so much for the kind words about the label it means a lot. National Park Service is fantastic and highly recommend that you check out his ape called “I Was Flying” on Lily Tapes & Discs. As far as recommendations obviously I would recommend anything on Rok Lok :) but seriously, check out stuff by these labels whom inspire me a great deal: Bridgetown Records, Juniper Tree Songs, Lillerne Tapes, Hi Shadow, Lily Tapes & Discs, Unread,  Shrimper, Solid Melts, Teen River, Almost Halloween Time, Lost Sound Tapes, and Kerchow Records. 

thanks Rok Lok Records for the shout-out! we’re in great company in that list - all those labels are worth your time/money.

Lily Tapes & Discs T-shirt | LTD Merch

just got back from an incredible farm show in connecticut and finally aaallllll caught up on orders from the summer. doing some inventory now and we’re starting to run a little low on shirts - only 5 mediums left and all the other sizes are just into the single digits too. grab one while you still can!

here’s a short excerpt from Squanto's upcoming final tape, Basement Tropic. more coming soon!

upcoming squanto show! this might be the last one since there aren’t any planned after it but who knows. it’s gonna be on a farm in nowheresville connecticut later this month with a bunch of friends and their cool bands. come hang out with us. FB RSVP

upcoming squanto show! this might be the last one since there aren’t any planned after it but who knows. it’s gonna be on a farm in nowheresville connecticut later this month with a bunch of friends and their cool bands. come hang out with us. FB RSVP

Summer 2014 Update

from the lily tapes & discs mailing list:

Summer 2014 Update!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we used this email thing - just checking in to let you know about some stuff that’s happening right now and will be happening in the near future here at LTD Headquarters.

Old Stuff on Clearance and Summer Vacation

We’ve sold out (or come very close to it) on a couple releases already, but there are some older ones taking up valuable storage space that we’ll need in a few months. In an effort to clear some of it out we’ve cut the prices on some older LTD releases. Head over to the Lily Tapes & Discs merch page to check it out. We’re also running low on copies of The National Park Service’s “I Was Flying,” and we’ve still got a couple Lily Tapes & Discs button packs left. We will be closing up shop for the summer starting on June 15th! Any orders placed after the 15th will not be shipped until mid-August, at which point we will be back, which brings us to…

Upcoming Releases

LTD009Squanto - Basement Tropic CS (fall 2014 - originally supposed to come out this past spring, but these things happen)
LTD010German Error Message/Lung Cycles - Split CS (fall 2014)
…plus other tapes in the works including more stuff from Lung Cycles, The National Park ServiceMachine Girl, and a few others that we’re not really ready to talk about just yet. Maybe some small tour-type stuff or cool shows in the fall too????


read with colors and stuff and subscribe here.


LTD008 begins with Shikohin & Forgetting by Ligaments, a half-hour suite comprising all new material. Ligaments has been earning a name for himself lately both as a producer and DJ with his crew, and this wildly colorful side is a perfect showcase of what a restlessly creative mind he’s working with, whether it’s making something to get up and dance to, something calming, or something that brings you across the space in between and pulls the two closer in the process.

Opposite S&F is Live Outside Syracuse by Squanto, an extended drone track recorded in 2011 during a late night bus ride. Glassy waves slide in and out of each other while fires build underneath against a pitch black background. The two sides complement each other just right - Shikohin & Forgetting will rev up your imagination, and Live Outside Syracuse will calm the rest of you down so it can take you where it wants to go.

The eighth official release from Lily Tapes & Discs. Released in an edition of 50 pro-dubbed chrome tapes. Packaged in Brad Paks from Stumptown Printers with artwork designed and printed by Jeremy Ferris, numbered and assembled by hand here at LTD Headquarters.

Click here or on the title to stream/purchase/download.

2013 has been a pretty good year here at Lily Tapes & Discs! two of our best tapes yet (one of which is already sold out!) and a snazzy t-shirt, not bad. here are some things to look forward to in 2014:

  • Squanto tour in January! right now I’m working on confirming some dates and figuring out the logistics and all that, but I’ve started putting already confirmed dates on the shows page. you can also follow the Squanto facebook page for more consistent updates once everything starts to come together.
  • LTD008 - Ligaments/Squanto - Shikohin & Forgetting/Live Outside Syracuse CS - one side of mind-shifting psychedelic ambient techno to loosen up your dreams, one side of soothing drones to put you back to rest. coming january/february.
  • LTD009 - Squanto - Basement Tropic CS - three extended jams recorded live and sourced entirely from beat up old cassettes. lopsided rhythms and whirlwind beats. coming february/march. this will also probably be the last Squanto release, assuming I can come up with a better name to switch to by then.
  • LTD010 - ???/??? - Split CS - been talking to a good friend (and amazing songwriter) a bit about doing a split tape sometime next year - I don’t want to give away who it is just yet and I haven’t decided on what I’m going to be changing my name to, so uhhh stay tuned on this one?

until the end of the year, to lighten my suitcase a bit for the upcoming tour (and to hopefully put some funds together), you can use the code busmoney to get 20% off anything on the Lily Tapes & Discs bandcamp page as well as the Squanto bandcamp page. see ya next year!